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What types of honey do you sell?

Peel’s is a proudly South African company (SA’s oldest honey brand!) – which means that we sell only South African, non-irradiated honey. Most of it is sourced from our beehives in the Free State and KZN, or from partnering beekeepers in other parts of the country.

We stock a full assortment of honey types – from liquid multiflora honey, to raw, creamed, and a variety of specialty mono-floral honeys.

Why does my honey (not) crystallise?

Honey is liquid when it is taken off a hive.  Over time, the honey will naturally form crystals, until is has fully set. Depending on the type of honey, moisture levels, and environmental temperatures, this process can be slower or faster. Importantly, this means that depending on the type of (raw) honey, honey may very well still be liquid when reasonably recently bottled, and only crystallise over time.

When honey is heated (as we do with our Farmstall Multiflora Liquid Honey), the honey becomes liquid again and remains liquid for much longer. That makes the honey more suitable for use in squeeze bottles.

If you would like to ensure that your honey becomes more liquid (if it has crystallised in a squeeze bottle), simply gently warm it in warm water, or leave in direct sunlight.

How do I know that your honey is real?

Real honey is a natural product, which means that different types of honey taste differently, smell differently, can be lighter or darker, and can “thicker” or runnier. That said, much honey on shelves is adulterated, or fake.

Have a look at our write-up in our blog for more information. We pride ourselves in rigorously testing all honey supplied by our partner beekeepers in German and Italian labs, using global best-in-class methods. We also supply to retail chains which do random testing of our honey, giving you even greater peace of mind.

How does shipping work?

Our courier company will ship your order to you within 5-7 days. We will send you a tracking number once the order has left our factory.

Shipping is free for all orders of more than R500, and R69.99 for other orders. For certain larger beekeeping items, a surcharge may apply.

How do BeePoints work?

BeePoints is the Peel’s online loyalty programme. Every time you purchase something on the Peel’s online shop, you receive ten BeePoints for every Rand spent. These BeePoints can be redeemed against your next purchase.

How do I earn a 25% Referral Discount?

Thank you for supporting us in growing the Peel’s fan base! Find your referral account on your account page (after logging in, click on the person icon in the top right corner of the page). Email that to the friend you would like to refer to us. When your friend makes a purchase, you will receive a 25% voucher by email!