We proudly invest significant time, effort, and resources into ensuring all honey sold by Peel’s is 100% pure, sourced only from South African beehives and harvested by reputable South African beekeepers. Honey is carefully extracted from the hives and then tapped into barrels and sent to the Peel’s factory for packaging.

Peel’s builds partnerships with beekeepers across South Africa. The beekeepers are able to focus on beekeeping and building this core capability. Peel’s is responsible for packaging the honey, branding and marketing it, making sales and distributing it. In recognizing the strategic importance of these relationships, we offer two pricing structures to our beekeeping partners, the first is a set, agreed upon price and the second is a combination of a base price for the honey, and an adjustment based on the final sales price that Peel’s achieves. This second pricing option is an important feature of the Peel’s relationship with beekeepers. We strive to build long lasting relationships where we can share in our successes with the beekeepers and work together with them to provide the best South African honey to the market.

Under our “Keepers’ Range” we have designed a customizable product label with the details of our partner beekeepers, allowing beekeepers who choose to, to stay connected to their product. If you are an established or aspiring beekeeper look to sell your honey please contact us!

Peel’s is a proud member of the South African beekeeping community and a long standing member of the South Africa Bee Industry Organisation (SABIO). We work to promote and protect South African apiculture.