Carte Blanche: Expose on Fake SA Honey, Video

Peel’s appreciates the efforts made by investigative journalists who have uncovered how South African consumers have been defrauded with fake honey – have a look at our press release on the topic.

In particular, the expose by M-Net’s Carte Blanche in July 2018 needs to be highlighted for exposing some of the most egregious cases of honey adulteration ever reported in SA. We are excited that this video has now been made available online by M-Net.

Sadly, at present, no lab in South Africa is able to do the required tests to confirm whether rice or corn sugars have been added to honey. As a result, Peel’s sends honey to accredited Italian and German labs to have honey tested using international norms.

It is important to note that there are no reliable ways for consumers to establish whether their honey is, indeed, pure. We have provided an initial guideline of things to look out for. Even if not 100% foolproof, it can provide some support in making a call whether to buy a specific jar of honey or not.