Peel’s has teamed up with African Honey Bee to bring you local honey that
has real social impact in its communities. This is pure, local honey with a conscience.

Peel’s has partnered with African Honey Bee to help South African rural beekeepers find access to markets. We organise bottles, labels and packaging, as well as distribution and marketing for African Honey Bee’s beekeepers. Beekeepers participate in profits generated through Sizana, ensuring financial viability and the long term growth of this initiative, and helping rural communities break the cycle of dependency.

We are proud of the joint branding developed between Peel’s and African Honey Bee. “Sizana”, which means to “work together”, or to “cooperate” in Zulu, perfectly embodies what partnerships can achieve and how fair trade can create true upliftment in rural communities.

In addition to attractive glass bottles and labelling, Sizana jars carry a tag with further information on its provenance – and by scanning the QR Code (or entering the batch code below), you can find out more details about the beekeeper who made the honey in your jar – click on the tag to see an example!


Peel's Sizana Tag
Each jar of Peel's Sizana is traceable to the community beekeeper who made it.


African Honey Bee empowers rural South African communities by helping families start their first businesses, with beekeeping an integral component of their path to becoming self-sufficient

African Honey Bee (AHB) is a social enterprise enabling families from disadvantaged rural communities to build sustainable micro-beekeeping businesses in KwaZulu Natal. The initiative was started by Guy Stubbs, a beekeeper in his own right, who saw the tremendous upliftment potential of supporting rural families in making use of natural resources available to them – including the use of bees to make community honey. Peel’s has partnered with the programme to empower small, South African beekeepers.

Over the last two years, AHB has trained 1482 people in KwaZulu-Natal. 962 (and counting) of these beekeepers (and their families) are actively keeping bees and many have started producing and selling honey.

AHB’s beekeepers produce raw honey of an extraordinarily high taste and quality, and make use of  environmentally-friendly and ethical beekeeping practices. The beekeeper families form local groups to support each other and cooperatively manage their micro-farming enterprises. AHB works actively with these groups, providing technical and logistical support, low cost agri-inputs and access to markets.

See the story of AHB Community keekeepers, and the impact Peel’s Sizana has on local communities!

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and help community upliftment by having community beekeepers share in the profit of their product!

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to the African Honey Bee project and assist in growing the project’s reach to more communities and micro-enterpreneurs!