Our Community Honey


The story of our coming community working together

The art of beekeeping is honed and those lucky enough to have acquired the skill of beekeeping live their passion every day

Our Sizana Community Honey is an initiative which is close to our heart at Peel’s. We collaborate with South African rural beekeepers across the country and assist them to find access to markets – we provide bottles, labels and packaging and distribute and market our local beekeepers’ honey as our Sizana Community Honey. The beekeepers all participate in the profits generated through the sale of our Sizana Community Honey which ensures the financial viability and the long-term growth of this initiative.

‘Sizana’ means to ‘work together’ or ‘cooperate’ in Zulu - we believe that this perfectly embodies what partnerships can achieve and how fair trade can create true upliftment in rural communities. We thrive on seeing our local beekeepers succeeding in their art and enjoying the fruits of their labour. Let's work together to keep them busy and their bees fed!

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