Peel’s Honey Types

Peel’s only sources honey from our own beehives and trusted South African beekeepers.
This makes our honey 100% pure. It is not irradiated.
Peel's 100% Pure
Peels raw honey


Raw honey is the purest form of honey, collected and bottled straight from the honey extractor with no clarification, heating or pumping through sieves. All natural goodness is preserved.

Peels creamed honey


Creamed honey is made by gently whipping raw honey. This gives it a luxurious and ultra-smooth texture. The process does not disturb any of the natural properties of the honey, maintaining all health benefits.

Peels pure liquid honey squeeze


Peel’s pure liquid honey has been filtered and warmed to ensure that the honey remains liquid for longer. It is easy to use and ideal for pancakes, waffles and desserts.

Peels orange blossom honey


We harvest these honeys in areas characterised with specific vegetation types (like eucalyptus, macadamia, fynbos) to provide for honeys with unique taste profiles.

Our honey is rigorously tested by accredited European labs.
We ensure that it is 100% pure and not adulterated in any way.
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Peel’s was established in 1924 by Jack Peel, who kept bees as a hobby.
His successor, John Smith, started a tradition of sourcing Peel’s honey from local beekeepers.