Pollination services


Peel’s beekeeping team offers pollination services across a range of crops in South Africa. Peel’s bees are currently pollinating macadamia, avocado,
and litchi plantations across KwaZulu-Natal, as well as sunflower, apples, cherries and onions in the central Free State!

If you are a farmer looking for access to pollination services for your farm,
please contact us for a quotation.

 Did you know that ~75% of agricultural crop species rely, to some degree, on animal pollination, and about one-third benefit from cross-pollination by developing higher fruit quantity and/or quality? Among other insects, bees are known as one of the most important groups of pollinators worldwide (Nature – Scientific Reports, Volume 7).

Careful consideration of both location of hives and the number of hives used in pollination can have a significant impact on agricultural yields. Some examples:

  • – Research by Plant u0026amp; Food Research in New Zealand has shown that a combination of increasing pollinators and refined planting approaches can increase macadamia yields by more than 50%.
  • – In a study in California (Davenport, 2001), avocado trees where bees were excluded from pollination had less than a fifth of the pollination experienced by trees that were exposed to bees.
  • – Cross-pollination of lichee by alternating rows of lichee cultivars and the use of pollinators like bees has shown yield increases of more than 35%.