No road trip is complete without a visit to the farmstall; full of delicious raw produce. Rustic wooden crates, honest sacks of potatoes, unpretentious blackboard pricing, a personal touch. We are transported to a simpler time. From nature to the table, we bring you our farm stall range.

A range of artisanal old-world indulgences, inspired by our Pioneering founders, Jack u0026amp; Doris Peel. At the heart of our tasty treats is Doris’ love and commitment to providing sweet delights to travelers at Jack’s landmark stop in the scenic Midlands Meander. Made with pure honey and selected nuts, our indulgent treats are a taste journey.

A range of monofloral single nectar honeys for the adventurous. Peel’s single nectar honeys express the unique site-specific characteristics of the flora around each hive, producing distinctive tasting notes. Our small-lot artisanal honeys plot a taste journey, a chance to reconnect with nature and its seasonal rhythms. Taste the season, taste the place.